Where to Stay There?

As you plan your trip to Gloucester, one of the things you need to set is your accommodation. As wonderful as the place is, you still need a decent and comfortable place to recharge at night. This will help you take on the next day in full stride and spirit. There are a lot of activities to do in Gloucester with the food and dining options to cathedrals and museums as well as bingo casinos. You need to look at places to stay as well while you decide on your activities. As you go over your options of accommodation in the area, here are some things you might want to consider.

Edward Hotel Gloucester

If you fancy a Victorian feel, the Edward Hotel that faces the London Road should be on top of your list. It would be good to know that the hotel is the only privately run and managed establishment in Gloucester that offers to park in the city center itself. For those that value convenience, this is definitely a big advantage already.

The city is just a mere 10-minute walk from the hotel making the hustle and bustle of city life a stone’s throw away but at the same time, giving you the respite you need after a full day or night depending on your activity. From the pubs and restaurants to cathedrals and even the bingo casino, the hotel is a great place to relax after visiting these places.

Holiday Inn Express Gloucester

One of the best things about Gloucester is that it plays host to one of the global hotel brands that are quite well-known the world over. The Holiday Inn Express offers spacious rooms near the city that comes with free wifi internet connection as well as a hot and sumptuous breakfast included in the room.

If you plan to explore either the city or even Cotswolds, this hotel needs to be on your list of options. It is conveniently located with almost all forms of transportation that would make your trip less stressful. You get to enjoy the Waterwells Park & Ride which is just 2-minutes away from the hotel. The Gloucester train and bus stations are just about 15 minutes and 5 miles out. Even the Bristol Airport is just an hour away.

You can also visit the  Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum located at the Gloucester Docks which is just a few miles from the hotel. The Gloucester Quays known for its shopping options for high-end quality brands is just in the area as well. You can also visit the Gloucester Cathedral nearby known as one of the places where the Harry Potter movies were filmed.

Hatherley Manor Hotel

The hotel is described as one of the premier and most magnificent 17th century Manor House in the area. This means that this is one of the finest hotels in the Gloucester. Taking up about 37 acres of beautiful grounds with manicured lawns located right at the heart of Gloucestershire countryside. This is just at the edge of Cotswolds and about 6 miles out from the Cheltenham Spa.