Nightlife of Gloucester

Activities and nightlife in Gloucester attract a lot of tourists in the area. It also helps residents in and around the village let loose and enjoy the camaraderie. They get to unwind at the end of the day with family and friends and develop friendship and keep their social life preoccupied. If you find yourself in Gloucester and looking for a great spot to unwind, here are some of the best places to visit.

The Old Bell – Tiger’s Eye

Considered to be one of the most unique and dynamic places in Gloucester. You can come it at almost any time of the day to enjoy the place. You can pop in during the afternoon for some cocktails or drinks. You can also choose to visit the place at night for some sumptuous meal that can even be cooked right on your table. The Old Bell uses the Black Rock Grill to make your dining experience as memorable as possible. The vodka and cocktail bar is one of the most recognized in the area. This is a testament to its superb atmosphere and originality in their drink selection. One of the reasons is that the bar only makes use of the freshest ingredients coupled with premium spirits. Apart from the wide array of champagne and wine collection, a lot of the cocktails are creations from the bar themselves.

Tank Bar

Gloucester brewery supplies and manages the Tank Bar and is well known for their collection of beer. It was founded with the desire to cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for customers to be able to share in the enjoyment of their passion for beer. The bar offers beer produced by the locals as well as fields from adjacent towns and cities.

One of the things that set the bar apart is their prices. This is because this bar in Gloucester puts more premium on the drinking experience of their customers over their profit and margin. In the same manner, they are very particular about the quality of their beer and banks on real knowledge about their product rather than relying on fads and some social trends.

The bar also has its sights in other markets including USA, Australia, and even New Zealand as they take in hops from these places to offer to their customers. They are also looking at some of the barrel aged specials. The Tank bar has the imperial stout, a barley wine as well as dabbling in some hoppy and fruity sours.

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