Gloucester Pubs and Restaurants

As you visit Gloucester, you would quickly find that the food is as much a part of the village as the places of interest all over the place. The challenge might even be trying to look for one particular pub or restaurant that you would visit with all the options. If you are headed out to the village, here are some of the places you can consider.

Cafe Rene

When you think of food in Gloucester, this cafe should definitely be on top of your list. This is one of the award-winning places you can visit that offers traditional yet exceptionally tasting pub food that is accompanied by music from top bands and even individual acts. There is no doubt that entertainment will keep you inside the pub all night long. When the cafe was put up in 2003, its objective is to be able to provide excellent entertainment in a venue that can be as relaxing as possible. At present, there is an underground cellar that is open on Saturdays and Fridays. There are also events held in the cafe that ranges from poetry night, festivals and even zombie walks. The cellar can even be booked for private functions.

As it is a restaurant, the place does not offer fast food but serves quality and great tasting dishes as fast as possible. Their experience and cooperative staff will be sure to give a memorable and fantastic service you will never forget.

The Tall Ship

Once you come into the Tall Ship in Gloucester, you will immediately experience a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. You will then be walked through a variety of seafood specials and a selection of great wine to complement your choice of food. The extensive menu goes well beyond seafood and the dishes are well explained so you can appreciate what you are about to eat.

The friendly crew is made possible with friendly staff that are ready to help you understand the menu and attend to anything that you need. With the great tasting food and wine choices, they are also reasonably priced and the servings are generous as well.

The Avenue

The Avenue is another pub you can consider when you get to Gloucester. This is considered to be straight in the heart of the community. One reason for this is that it is perfectly located along Bristol Road. The bar area offers customers the chance to get in some playing time when it comes to darts or pool. Live Sky Sports is also at the bar when you prefer to just sit back, relax and watch the game. It also helps that the food is great tasting and reasonably priced as well.

The Dick Whittington

This historic pub was built during the 13th century and was originally named Saint Nicholas’ House. At present, the name is taken from the original owners who are famous personalities after becoming the Mayor of London. Considered as a family run pub, this establishment in Gloucester serves home cooked meals and considered the origin of Black Rock Grill.