Welcome to Gloucester!

Gloucester is one of the best places in the UK and this site is dedicated to helping you explore the region. You will get a lot of information about Gloucester which you need to explore the place and immerse in its rich history and culture that emanates not only with its people but the activities in the regions as well.

This site will walk you through the history of Gloucester to help you understand and appreciate the place even more. The key to enjoying some of the activities and cultural offering the place has to offer is having an idea of its past. As you do this, you get to visit places of interest such as the Kings Square and even the Gloucester Cathedral where some of the scenes in the Harry Potter movie franchise were taken.

Activities in Gloucester

Once you visit the place, you get to immerse in its rich cultural heritage by experiencing some unique activities it has to offer. The site will explain how the Three Choirs Festival should be on your list of activities to watch as it features the best choirs from three places – Gloucester, Hereford, and Worcester. There is also the annual Gloucester International Rhythm and Blues Festival that will be sure to give you a great time.

Nightlife in Gloucester

There is also a good dose of nightlife in the area. Apart from great restaurants that will give you a sumptuous meal that gives you value for your money, there are pubs as well that offers great hops and quality spirits and wines. You can also visit the Mecca Bingo Casino to get in some online gaming to satisfy your quest for thrill and excitement.

As you explore the place, the site will give you ideas on some of the best places eat out in and around Gloucester. From Cafe Rene to the Tall Ship, and even the Avenue, these restaurants, and pubs give you a taste of the local cuisine while providing you with some of the most extensive and affordable meals in Gloucester.

Best Accommodations in the region

You need to find a place to rest and relax after undertaking all the activities you have set out to do. The site will give you options on some of the most recommended accommodations in Gloucester. There are Victorian-style hotels to global hotel chains in the area. These are conveniently located near places of interests and even transportation options to help you get around and enjoy Gloucester more.